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This film tells the story of a man with a below average IQ named, Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks), who was raised by his mother with love. Forrest was often bullied by his friends since childhood, treated as a fool, and was claimed as a child who could not do anything by doctors and school principals. But behind his shortcomings, there are many advantages that make Forrest a person who is very loved by the people around him. On his first day of school, he meets Jenny, the only friend who doesn’t bully him. His house was close to Forrest’s and eventually they became best friends until they grew up.

With his limitations, Forrest was able to continue his education to college because of his ability to run (this ability was obtained when his friends chased him by car every time he came home from school). He entered the football club and won several awards. When he graduated from college, he enlisted into the military and was sent to Vietnam. There, she meets a black man named, Bubba, who becomes her best friend.

Bubba convinces Forrest to get into the shrimp business with him after the war is over. Forrest became a very meritorious person in his platoon with his fast running ability. He rescued many wounded soldiers and helped his commanders, for which he received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroism. But he lost his best friend, Bubba, who was so badly injured that he couldn’t be saved.

While healing from a bullet lodged in his buttocks, he discovers his hidden abilities in ping pong. He also became a famous table tennis athlete and brought his country to the international arena in a match against the Chinese team. Adult Forrest Gump spends his time searching for his missing little girl friend, Jenny. He also took out his savings to buy a shrimp fishing boat like he had promised Bubba. At first, his efforts always fail, but with hard work and never give up he always tries. The commander, who has retired due to disability, joins Forrest to fight in the shrimp fishing business. In the end they became successful people and were able to support Bubba’s family. One day, Jenny returns and finds Forrest. Forrest also proposed to her, but Jenny refused (for unknown reasons).

But Jenny also loves Forrest and proves her love by sleeping with him. In the early morning, Jenny left Forrest again. Run and Run Knowing that, Forrest felt very sad and chose to go on a trip. He ran around the United States, for more than three and a half years. He was also famous on television and newspapers. One day he gets a letter from Jenny, who saw him running on television.

Jenny asked him to come to her house. After a long separation, they finally met. Jenny introduces a little boy to her, who turns out to be their child. Also at that meeting, Jenny told Forrest that she was sick with a virus (possibly AIDS). The three then returned to Greenbow, Alabama. Jenny and Forrest eventually married, but soon Jenny passed away. And Forrest takes very good care of his son. His son was named the same as Forrest and he became a very smart kid.

Occasionally Forrest visits Jenny who is buried under a tree, where they played when they were little. The film scene closes with Forrest dropping his son off on the school bus. And a happy smile graced his face. This film is interesting to watch, especially the lessons of moral values ​​from a social and psychological perspective from the characters. For example, the way commanders deal with stress and despair due to disability after fighting and being a beggar. Or Jenny who got her bad character from the wrong upbringing from her parents.

The figure of Forrest Gump also presents a different imagination to the audience. Because, behind all the shortcomings, someone must have many advantages that make it different from the others. On the other hand, Forrest Gump also teaches that a person must have their own destiny. “I don’t know if each of us has a destiny or if we are all just floating by chance, like a gentle breeze. But I think maybe both.” — Forrest Gump. The words of Mrs. Gump, Forrest’s mother, also still ring in my ears that: “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you will get.”

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